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Anti-Gravity Technology

With the booncover you can attach your e-Reader to almost any surface.
Patented vacuum technology ensures the necessary binding.

boon #1The first boon keeps your eBook protected in the cover.

boon #2The second boon lets you attach the cover and your e-Reader to many different surfaces, such as: tile, glass, wood, plastic or leather and can be removed without residue.

Quality & Design

The reboon booncover comes with a stylish soft-touch surface in various colors.

1. Thanks to magnetic closure there is no wear from everyday use.
2. Easily cleaned turquoise seam of high-strength nylon.
3. The velcro is tightly sewn to the cover and perfectly matches the hooks of the boons.
4. The inner material is made of a pleasant soft and thin microfibre.

Whether in the morning in the train or on holiday at the beautiful sandy beach. For readers, it is always important to have an exciting book. Thanks to the technology, it is possible to read a digital book from an eBook reader. With the reboon eBook Reader cover you protect not only your Amazon Kindle, Tolino Shine 2 HD or Tolino Vision 3 HD from dirt and scratches, but also can use the eBook Reader cover for more comfortable experience. For more flexibility, the booncover serves you a as a Table Stand Holder, so you can conveniently read your Tolino eBook Reader at the table. This gives you the opportunity to have your hands free for other activities. If you want to work during your daily bus trip you can simply attach your eBook to the backrest. Use the included boons, one is always connected to your reader and the second can be easily attached directly to the backrest. In this case, you will be able to read your book during your ride. Just before you get off, unstick the boon from the backrest.

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