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booncover for Tablets

booncover for Smartphones


booncover for Tablets

booncover fur Tablets

booncover for Smartphones

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Anti-Gravity Technology

With the booncover you can attach your tablet and smartphone to almost any surface.
Patented vacuum technology ensures the necessary binding.

boon #1Thanks to the first boon your Smartphone or Tablet is almost invisibly and securely fastened to the cover.

boon #2The second boon lets you attach the cover and device to many different surfaces, such as: ceramic tile, glass, wood, plastic or leather and it can be removed without residue.

Quality & Design

As a special feature, the reboon booncover comes not only with a stylish soft touch surface in different colours, but also in genuine leather for a distinguished look and longer durability.

1. Thanks to magnetic closure there is no wear from everyday use.
2. Easily cleaned turquoise seam of high-strength nylon.
3. The velcro is tightly sewn to the cover and perfectly matches the hooks of the boons.
4. The inner material is made of a pleasant soft and thin microfibre.

reboon booncover

booncover for Tablets

booncover for Smartphones

booncover – a clever cover for almost every tablet

The booncover is a protective and intelligent cover as an all-in-one solution for your tablet, eBook reader and smartphone in one. Do you know it for sure? You spend quite a lot on your new tablet or smartphone, and of course you want to protect it from all the dangers of daily life. This is definitely possible with the booncover. The booncover gives your tablet the protection it needs. But it’s not just that. Behind the booncover is a clever and patented system that makes the booncover a unique product. The booncover is a universal tablet cover.

A universal Tablet Cover means that one and the same booncover might fit several tablets. This peculiarity is only possible because of the boons. These are, on the one side, a patented vacuum surface and, on the other side, a strong velcro surface. With the vacuum surface, the boon is attached to the back of your tablet. And you do not have to worry, although we can understand your concerns about “sticking” something to the back of your expensive tablet. Because it is a vacuum technology, the boon is not sticky, but it sticks to the back of the tablet and you can remove it at any time without any residue remaining on the tablet. Nevertheless, the boon stays rock-solid on your device.

On the other side of the boon – the Velcro surface, with the help of which you can connect the tablet to the booncover and create a secure, stable and reliable unit. For this, on the inside and outside of the booncover there are black velcro strips, with which you can connect your boon.

Would you like to know which booncover is compatible with your tablet? Then look in the booncover search.

The booncover is also available as a smartphone and eBook reader cover version.

In addition to many booncover versions for tablets, reboon also includes the booncover S3 a booncover for eBook reader. The product also includes two boons, one of which is on the back of the eBook reader.

As it’s intended with booncover’s design, you can also fold it so that it becomes a stand holder for your eBook reader. For this purpose, there is a second, smaller Velcro strip behind the magnetic flap of booncovers, which can be connected with the fabric strip on the front just by folding the booncover. Now you can place your eBook reader exactly in the position where reading is most comfortable for you. If you want to know how the folding process works, look at the video on this page, where folding is shown visually.

But also reboon thought about smartphones. With the booncovers in the size XS and XS2, reboon has created two tablet-like covers, which bring the advantages of the booncovers to smartphones. There are still two boons in the package, but the size of them have been adjusted to fit smartphones. The smaller of the two boons is attached to the back of your smartphone.

If you want to know more, here is more detailed information about the booncover for your mobile.

The booncover serves also as a wall and a dashboard mount

As you have read above, each booncover is packed with two boons. One you attach to the back of your tablet or smartphone to create a secure and reliable binding with the booncover. But what about the second boon? First of all, the booncover is a protective cover for your tablet, smartphone or eBook reader. With the second boon, the booncover can also be transformed into a Wall Mount and a Dashboard Holder.

To use the booncover as a Wall Mount, the second boon must be attached to a clean surface. For example, these surfaces may be like glass, ceramic tile or a mirror. Now thanks to the Velcro surface you can connect the second boon to the booncover, so you’d have a wonderful and reliable Wall Mount for your tablet. If you want to know in detail what surfaces the boons hold to, you can find out more at “boon – intelligent system“.

By the same principle, you can turn the booncover into a Car Mount. Simply attach the second boon to the clean dashboard and connect it to the boon surface of the booncover. You can use your tablet in the most ideal position as a navigation system for the driver or as a multi-media display for a passenger.

Simply boontastic!