Vacuum Technology

The turquoise adhesive surface is a porous material, designed in such a way that the pressure appeares in the pores which lie close to the surface. While pressing, the porous material is compressed, whereas the mentioned pores are reduced and atmospheric air is forced out from within. Based on its elasticity, the porous material returns after pressing again into its original state, while the pores increase again. Since the porous material adjoins tightly to the smooth surface, atmospheric air can not immediately rush back into the expanding open pores. Despite the external atmosphere, this leads to pressure in the open pores and therefore to the desirable removable adhesion.

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Hook & Loop

Reusable and removable fastening system from the patented BOONTEC vacuum technology for temporary fixation on high-energy surfaces, e.g. metal, glass, wood and plastic. For temporary removable uses. No screwing. No sticking. If the boons and boonconnectors lose their adhesion due to contamination, they can be cleaned with warm, clear water and any mild soap. Let the boons and boonconnerctors soak dry carefully before they can be reused.


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