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If you are not satisfied with your reboon boonflip XS for your device, send it back free of charge and we will refund you the purchase price.

Car Mount

Car Mount

Table Stand Holder

Table Stand Holder

Wall Mount

Wall Mount

Safe Protection

Safe Protection

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Functions from Cover

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Car Phone Holder

Google the address during the drive and fix your smartphone on the car dashboard in order to look at it easily. Your navigation is ready for use. In addition, you can effortlessly plug in a charging cable.

Table Stand Holder

Place your smartphone on the workplace, on the dining table or place it vertically while brushing your teeth – you will not want to miss the table stand function any more.

Wall Mount

In order to take a selfie, just stick your boonflip to the supplied PowerPad on the wall. Enjoy!

Full Usability (Camera, Touch Display)

Thanks to the fold-back design, the boonflip is suitable for any camera and touch sensor position of your smartphone.

Anti-Gravity Technology

With the reboon boonflip you can attach your device to almost any surface.
Patented vacuum technology provides the necessary support.

Adhesive surface

The first "PowerPad" keeps your device protected in the cover.

The second included "PowerPad" can be used on even surfaces such as tile, glass, wood, plastic or leather and it can be attached and removed without leaving any residue.

  • Tiling
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Wood (treated)
  • Metal
  • Marble
boonflip XS

Quality & design

The boonflip comes not only with a stylish soft touch surface in different colours, but also in genuine leather.

1. Thanks to magnetic closure there is no wear from everyday use.

2. Easily cleaned turquoise seam of high-strength nylon.

3. The velcro is tightly sewn to the cover and perfectly matches the hooks of the PowerPads.

4. The inner material is made of a pleasant soft and thin microfibre.

Data sheet – reboon boonflip XS

boonflip XS
Weight 85 g
External Dimensions 152 x 76 x 15.5 mm
Internal Dimensions 145 x 72 x 9 mm
External Colour Pink, Red, Black leather, Brown leather, Blue
Internal Colour Blue / dark gray
External Material Polyurethane Soft-Touch surface (matted), Real leather in brown, black, red and also there is wild leather
Internal Material Microfibre
Red - Art./EAN 5104 / 4260242215020
Brown leather - Art./EAN 5103 / 4260242215181
Pink - Art./EAN 5102 / 4260242215068
Blue - Art./EAN 5101 / 4260242215105
Black leather - Art./EAN 5100 / 4260242215143
Brown Wild leather - Art./EAN 5124 / 4059965107831
Red leather - Art./EAN 5120 / 4059965107794

Suitable devices




SMART 2 Hydro Reach Hydro View ATIV S ATIV S Neo ATIV SE Epic 4G Touch Galaxy A3 (2016) Galaxy A3 (2017) Galaxy A5 (2014) Galaxy A5 (2016) Galaxy A5 (2017) Galaxy A5 Duos Galaxy Alpha Galaxy Amp Prime 2 Galaxy Amp Prime 3 Galaxy Amp Prime Galaxy Avant Galaxy C5 Galaxy C5 Pro Galaxy Core Advance Galaxy Core Lite Galaxy Core LTE Galaxy Core Max Galaxy E5 Galaxy Express 2 Galaxy Express 3 Galaxy Express Galaxy Express Prime 2 Galaxy Express Prime Galaxy Feel Galaxy Grand Prime 4G Galaxy Grand Prime Galaxy Grand Prime Plus Galaxy Grand Prime Value Edition Galaxy Grand Quattro Galaxy J Galaxy J1 (2016) Galaxy J1 4G (2017) Galaxy J1 4G Galaxy J1 Galaxy J2 2017 Galaxy J2 2018 Galaxy J2 Ace Galaxy J2 Galaxy J2 Core Galaxy J2 DTV Galaxy J2 Prime Galaxy J2 Pro 2018 Galaxy J2 Pro Galaxy J3 (2016) Galaxy J3 2017 Galaxy J3 2017 International Galaxy J3 2018 Galaxy J3 Achieve Galaxy J3 Galaxy J3 Emerge Galaxy J3 Prime Galaxy J3 Pro Galaxy J3 Star Galaxy J3 V Galaxy J5 (2016) Galaxy J5 2017 Galaxy J5 Galaxy J5 Metal Galaxy J5 Prime Galaxy J5 Pro Galaxy On5 Galaxy On5 Pro Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Skyrocket HD Galaxy S3 Galaxy S3 L710 Galaxy S3 Neo Galaxy S4 Active Galaxy S4 Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition Galaxy S4 LTE+ Galaxy S4 Value Edition Galaxy S5 Active Galaxy S5 Galaxy S5-LTE Galaxy S5 Mini Galaxy S5 Mini LTE-A Galaxy S5 Neo Galaxy S5 Plus Galaxy S5 Sport Galaxy S6 Active Galaxy S6 Galaxy S6 Edge Galaxy S7 Galaxy Sol 4G Galaxy Win 2 Galaxy Win Galaxy Win Pro Galaxy Z3 Infuse 4G Z Z3 Z4 Elite 5 0L Gunmetal Platinum 5 0 Plus Black


Total genial



Ich bin seit Jahren zufriedener Nutzer einer reboon-Hülle. Nun war mein Handy in die Jahre bekommen und sein Nachfolger brauchte auch einen 'Anzug'. Ganz klar- es wurde wieder eine reboon. Passt perfekt und ist funktional gut durchdacht.

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