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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the payment methods can I choose from? PayPal: Easy, fast and secure online payment service. Every third German online buyer uses PayPal to conveniently pay directly with debit, credit card, a bank transfer or Giropay.
PAYMILL PAYMENT: On our website you can pay for your order online with any Visa or MasterCard. The payment with a bankcard carries out in the following way: When you place an order on the website, you will be asked to choose the payment method. If you would like to pay for your order with a card, you must select the field "PAYMILL PAYMENT" during the order process, whereby you can pay with a Mastercard or Visa credit card. You must also enter a holder name, card number, expiry date, security code.
Prepayment: Not quite as fast as PayPal, but still very popular. With this payment method, you will also receive our bank details for the transfer with the order confirmation email. Transfer the total amount with the order number and after collecting the money, we will ship your items.

How to return? For returns within the warranty period (14 days from the date of delivery) you will find a return form on our website (Cancellation policy). If you are returning from abroad, please do not hesitate to contact us. Either by e-mail to or by telephone at +49 (0) 40 – 537 991 300 (Mon.-Fri, 09:00 – 17:00) Simply fill in this form with the required data. We would be very grateful if you also select a reason for your return and describe it in details, in order to use your feedback to improve our product description. The indication of a reason for your return is, however, voluntary and not necessary for the revocation.

If there is no ambiguity, we will send you a DHL return for a free return of the goods via e-mail. Just form well-packed parcel with the purchased products and leave it at the DHL location.
Do I need a customer account for the order? It is not necessary to create a customer account. When you enter the required data in form fields, you can simply click on checkbox in the field “No customer account” under the field of your surname. In this case, only one guest account is created, guest accounts are automatically deleted by the system every 6 months. However, you have many advantages when you create a customer account: Faster shopping, easy login and all data are already filled out. Insight into your orders including dispatch information: This is how you can track your order from the warehouse to the delivery date. Manage your newsletter subscription and do not miss any reboon updatings and news anymore.
Do I have warranty on the product? Please keep your bill! The invoice serves not only as a purchase receipt, but is also proof of the warranty. The warranty covers processing and material defects. Defects due to wear or damage caused by improper use are excluded. However, in any case, please contact the reboon support team at if errors occur. There you will always be helped.
Can I choose different delivery and invoice addresses? After you have entered your billing address you can directly click on checkbox at “the delivery address deviates from the billing address.” This opens a new input field where you can enter the exact delivery address. Under “Your address”, the invoice address is now under “Your different delivery address”, the address to which you want the package to be delivered.
Can I choose between different delivers? Through our partnership with DHL, we fulfill any orders received in our shop. We provide free shipping within Germany. Also orders from the EU and non-EU are carried out by us via DHL. There are different shipping costs, more you will find in the shipping conditions. You will receive a tracking number for your order. If you are unclear, please contact our support team:

How much are shipping costs? Delivery to addresses in Germany is free of charge, regardless of the value of the order. For shipping within the EU (except Germany) it currently costs 5,00 EUR (from 80,00 EUR shipping is free). Outside the EU shipping costs 10,00 EUR (from 80,00 EUR shipping is free).

We currently deliver with DHL Worldwide Shipping to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, UK, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain. Our goal is also other countries . If you wish to order from a country that was not mentioned, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.
My product arrived damaged – what is then? With all the orders which leave our reboon company, we, unfortunately, can not rule out that during shipping times a package will be ok. In this case you can send an e-mail to our support (gladly with a picture of the damage) or the return form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please consider the damage caused by the transport (for example a crushed or opened carton) should be picked up directly by the DHL driver. Subsequent claims on your part with goods damaged by the transport is otherwise difficult to pass through.
Will I receive a confirmation of my order? You’ll receive an order confirmation e-mail as soon as you’ve successfully completed your order. The relevant ordering process may differ slightly depending on your chosen payment method. If you’ve not received an e-mail confirmation in your inbox after 30 minutes and it has not landed in your junk folder either, please e-mail our support team at


General information. The organizer of the Instagram promotion is reboon GmbH; Dammwiesenstraße 29; 22045 Hamburg, Germany. Participants may not make any claims against Instagram which arise in connection with the participation and conduct of the drawing. Participants acknowledge that the contest is not sponsored, endorsed, or organized in any way by Instagram. All information and data provided or collected by the users within the framework of the contest will only be made available to the organizer and not Instagram. All requests and instructions regarding the drawing are directed to the organizer and not to the instagram. By participating in the competition the user accepts these conditions of participation.

The participation right. Only persons who are 18 years old at the time of their participation and who are permanently a resident in Germany are eligible to participate. Participation is free.

Promotion mechanism. The participation period of the promotion is to be taken directly from the competition. Participation in the contest is made by posting a comment or by posting an image with a particular hashtag. In order to participate in a hashtag competition, it is necessary for the participants to publish their profile in public. Each participant comes with his comment in the evaluation and multiple appointments are not considered. Participation is permitted only through interaction via Instagram. The prizes will be announced in posts about promotional action.

Promotion notification. Personal data (obligatory) must only be sent by the winner to reboon via the Instagram - private message or e-mail, with the consent of the Participation Conditions. The data will only be stored and processed for carrying the promotion, and will be deleted after completing the promotion. The personal data of the participants will not be passed on to third parties (except for the winner of the mail service provider for the purpose of delivery).

In the case of winning, the participant agrees that reboon GmbH may publish the name of the winner without restriction.

Exclusion from the promotion.Employees of the participating companies and their representatives are excluded from participation. Excluded are also persons who use unauthorized tools or who otherwise benefit from manipulation. In some circumstances prizes can also be subsequently unrecognized and required back. Excluded csn be also people who make untrue statements about themselves. Participation by organisations, automated services or other service providers is not permitted. In the case of a breach of these terms and conditions, the organizer reserves the right to exclude persons from the prize list and not to distribute profits or to retrospectively accept and reclaim them.

Data protection. Within the framework of the contest, personal data are collected from the participants (name and address of the winners). These data are processed and used exclusively by the organizer to carry out the action in accordance with the legal regulations. At any time, the participants have the possibility to have their personal data deleted. The only exception to this is the data which the organizer is legally obliged to keep. If a participant wishes to block or delete his / her data, a further participation in the ongoing draw will no longer be possible. The data protection regulations of Instagram apply (

Premature termination of the promotion. reboon GmbH reserves the right to terminate or terminate the promotion at any time without prior notice and without giving reasons, provided that it is reasonably necessary, in particular for technical or legal reasons. The organizer makes use of this possibility in particular if, for technical reasons (eg viruses in the computer system, manipulation or errors in the hardware and / or software) or for legal reasons, a proper performance of the promotion can not be guaranteed. If such termination is caused by the conduct of a participant, the organizer may demand compensation for the loss incurred by the organizer.

Legal process, changes and applicable law. The legal process is excluded. The profit can not be paid in cash. The exchange and transfer of a profit to third parties are excluded. Should individual provisions of these Terms of Participation be or become invalid or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected thereby. The ineffective provision shall be replaced by such an effective provision which comes closest to the invalid provision in a legally permissible manner.

All information is given without guarantee.

What is the zipper on the boonbag? This bag is separated from the inner lining of the boonbag by a seam of fabric and serves as a limitation. The items you keep in the small pocket are protected from simple impacts and other external influences due to the light PP beads inside the boonbag. Also, you do not need to worry about damages of the back of the tablet by the zipper. The zipper is provided with fabric sides that cover the teeth and protect your tablet.
How big is the boonbag? The boonbag is quite square and therefore easy to store. With a weight of 159 grams also quite light, so you can easily take your boonbag with you everywhere.
Is the boonbag easily stowable or even shrinkable? If you are planning a trip with the boonbag, you should not worry about the possibility not to fit it in your bag. The boonbag fits easily luggage gaps and serves at the same time as a buffer. You can easily crumple the boonbag, because it is not tightly filled with the PP beads. So there is always a bit of air to adjust to the situation. In addition, the small integrated pocket under the zipper provides extra space to accommodate things (e.g., headphones or charging cable).
Is the booncover hard or soft? The booncover is reinforced case, a so-called Hardcase. From the outside it is made of comfortable polyurethane and from the inside of soft microfibre. So you can store your tablet, eReader or mobile phone without any concerns in a bag or your backpack. The booncover is mainly provided with reinforcement and statistic material, so that it can be fixed on the wall or can be stand holder also reliably and “sticks”.
What material is the boonbag made from? The boonbag has a top-quality, ultra-durable and easy-to-clean soft-touch, matt surface. It features a Velcro surface for the PowerPad to attach to, and an integrated storage compartment underneath (for your in-ear headphones, e.g.). The outer material is a chic imitation suede, which enhances the boonbag’s stylish appearance. The boonbag is filled with PP beads, which provide for a firm base, together with a high level of flexibility.
What devices can I use with the boonbag? All tablets and eBook readers up to the size of the iPad Pro are compatible with the boonbag. The smart cushion also fits a large number of netbooks and Apple MacBooks, provided none of the device’s ventilation outlets are obstructed.

Why do I need the boonbag? With the boonbag you can conveniently use your tablet or eBook reader in any position without having to hold your device. This not only frees your hands, but also provides a secure mounting for an iPad, you can also use your tablet or eBook reader much more easily than before. boontastic! It’s a true blessing to use the boonbag on a bed or couch. Our intelligent pillow is a comfort gain for your home, and when you going just switch to the flexible booncover.

Especially when used on the bed and the couch, the boonbag is a real blessing. Our clever pillow is your comfort-Plus for home, on the road you simply switch to the flexible booncover.
What is the PowerPad? The PowerPad is our own patented design and lies at the heart of the reboon product family. The smart pad combines innovative vacuum technology on one side and a Velcro pad on the other. This guarantees a product that is useable regardless of device type, and makes for an ultra simple switch from tablet or eReader on the boonbag, to the booncover. As it uses vacuum technology rather than an adhesive, the PowerPad leaves absolutely no marks or residue behind on your device, and can be removed and reused as often as desired.
Where does the name “boonbag” come from? “boonbag” is simply the amalgamation of the terms “boon” and “bag”. And that’s exactly what our smart cushion is: a PowerPad, or benefit, for you and your tablet/eBook reader.


Why won’t the PowerPad cling any more? If your PowerPad has gotten dirty and is therefore losing its “stick”, it doesn’t mean you can no longer use it. Simply wash it under lukewarm water, with a little dish detergent if necessary, until all dirt (e.g. lint, grease residue, hair) has been removed. Leave the PowerPad to air-dry and avoid contact with the vacuum surface. Never dry the PowerPad on a heater or in sunlight, as this will permanently damage it.

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